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The Key to Facebook Success

Running a Facebook campaign is not as easy as it looks. This article will teach you the keys to unlocking the marketing potential within Facebook. Professional grade strategy creation and implementation is of paramount importance for the success of a Facebook campaign. If your strategy doesn’t measure up, then you’re essentially trying to cross the […]


These mobile apps are your key to managing your company’s digital marketing on the go, from any location. The number of mobile apps available to help small-business owners with social-media marketing is mind-blowing. To get you started, here’s a quick look at the most popular platforms. Facebook: A small business favorite for years, the Facebook app […]

Writing Press Releases Effectively for Search Engines

Understand how search engine optimization works & take advantage of Press Release Optimization by structuring your press release correctly  Search engine optimization practices have evolved alongside the improvements and refinements search engines have made to their algorithms.  In order to take full advantage of the Press, Release Optimization PR Newswire builds into the distribution of […]

Social Media Explained: What Is Snapchat?

All the kids are using Snapchat—but is there room for your small business marketing on the social messaging platform? Here’s what else you can do with the social app: Send short marketing messages via videos and photos Create quick “stories,” which are viewable for up to 24 hours Use in conjunction with Vine Enhance your message […]

Eliminating Obstacles Between You and Your Prospects

Obstacle One: Confusion Your prospects are often confused about what they should do about their problem. They may not be sure about what solutions are available, and which solution would be the best for them. They are also confused about which companies provide these solutions and which company would provide them with the best solution, […]

Do You Have Too Much To Do?

When we have too much on our plate it’s usually because we have too much on our mind. You have to get off the treadmill and start focusing on what’s most important and most fruitful. Find some quiet time alone, even if all you have available is a few minutes.Focus on your breathing, ask yourself […]

SEO Techniques to Take Your Rankings to the Next Level

After you’ve selected the keywords you want to optimize your website for, you need to focus on what is called on-page optimization. On page, optimization is what you do on your website pages to improve organic rankings. The good news is that through years of research and experimentation I have identified the most important on […]