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Do You Have Too Much To Do?

When we have too much on our plate it’s usually because we have too much on our mind. You have to get off the treadmill and start focusing on what’s most important and most fruitful. Find some quiet time alone, even if all you have available is a few minutes.Focus on your breathing, ask yourself […]

The Power of E-mail

If you think e-mail is just for keeping in touch with friends, or forwarding pictures and funny stories, think again. Email is probably the biggest advancement in marketing since Johann Gutenberg invented movable type for the printing press. Every business can use the power of e-mail to significantly increase its marketing results. Here are just a few […]

Improving Your Email Marketing

If you prefer to listen to this article please click the link Improving Your Email Marketing The success of your email marketing campaign is often based on a set of complex factors. However, a number of these issues can be proactively managed to ensure an optimized response. When developing your next email campaign, consider the following […]

Top SEO Trends to Follow and Utilize in 2017

Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time in the business arena knows that it’s a tough world out there. One of the mainstays of modern business is building brand awareness through a strong web presence. Apart from the ubiquitous social media, people are still managing to stay relevant through good old-fashioned websites and […]

Tips On How To Build A Strong Employee Work Ethic

Looking for employees with strong work ethic? Start by defining what it means to you. Search “work ethic” on and you’ll get hundreds of thousands of results. Why? Because employers want it. In fact, they want it so much that it’s often listed above education and experience. But guess what? Work ethic doesn’t exist. […]

Get Things Done

Contrary to what you may think, getting things done  (GTD) is a fairly simple methodology. It’s about managing several lists with some rules that anyone can understand and apply. The most complex part of GTD is not in theory but in practice since you will surely need to develop—if you do not already have them—one or […]

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