Our phone number is an essential communication tool designed to enhance customer engagement and streamline our appointment management process. It will be primarily used for the following purposes:

  1. Appointment Communications: The number will send automated SMS messages including appointment confirmations and reminders to customers who have booked services via our website. This ensures that our customers are well-informed and reduces the likelihood of missed appointments.

  2. Promotional Notifications: Customers who have opted-in will receive SMS notifications about promotions, updates, and new services. This facilitates direct marketing and keeps our customers engaged with the latest offerings.

  3. Sales Communications: Our sales team will utilize this number to send personalized messages to clients who have agreed to receive such communications. This direct line enhances the relationship-building process, allowing our sales personnel to effectively manage their client interactions.

This number will adhere to all regulatory requirements, including obtaining explicit opt-in consent from all recipients to comply with telecommunications and privacy laws. The integration of this number into our Fivenson Lead platform is intended to streamline communication flows, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth through effective engagement strategies.