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Finding More Customers

If your business is like most it could use more customers. More customers equal more revenue and profit and that’s what all businesses are after. So how does a business go about finding more customers? You’re probably sitting on a “goldmine” and don’t even know it. In this case, the “gold mine” is your current […]

The Power of Brand Filters

Each week frustrated business owners call me, exhausted from their latest company-naming marathon. They’ve spent dozens (if not hundreds) of hours invaluable staff time churning out endless lists of ideas, suggestions, brainstorms, etc. The results? A hodgepodge of names with no rhyme or reason to them, little or no group consensus, a lack of matching […]

Convert Browsers into Buyers

Many marketing experts struggle with the concept of on-site conversion. After executing on a well-developed marketing plan, and generating traffic to a landing page or website, the next step is to turn your prospects into customers. Improving your online conversion rate can be accomplished in a number of ways. Generate Targeted Traffic. An important strategy […]

Target Marketing

What’s the single most important factor in the success of a marketing campaign? How clever are the advertisements? How good the product or service is? The price being charged? If you said “none of the above”, then I have to agree with you. The most important factor in marketing is targeting. You simply have to […]

Storytelling Strategy

It was a slow Thursday evening at the sportswear store. There were more sales assistants than customers silently wandering through the displays across polished black tiles. Alan decided to approach a customer who had just picked up a premium shoe, turning it over to check out the price. ‘Can I help you?’ he said. ‘No, […]