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Attracting Customers

Finding More Customers

If your business is like most it could use more customers. More customers equal more revenue and profit and that’s what all businesses are after. So how does a business go about finding more customers? You’re probably sitting on a “goldmine” and don’t even know it. In this case, the “gold mine” is your current […]

4 Ways to Make Your Customers Return for More

If you prefer to listen to this article please click the link 4 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS RETURN FOR MORE While the greatest majority of businesses focus too much on increasing traffic on their website, there are marketing methods out there that yield much greater ROI. Even though the greater number of visits on […]

Attracting Customers

Attracting customers is one of the top challenges for startup businesses, especially if you do not have any marketing background yourself. However, the principles of marketing are common sense and can get you a long way without excessive expenditure. 1. Know Yourself Time spent on working out what makes your product or service special (its […]