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Growing Social Media Audience for Startups

If you prefer to listen to this article please click the link Growing Social Media Audience for Startups Regardless of your startup size, sooner or later, you have to consider promoting your business. With social media spanning all the spheres of life today, there is hardly a better place to win hearts and minds of customers. […]

It’s Always Your Fault

Wouldn’t it be great if everything always went smoothly in your business and nothing ever went wrong? But there always is something. A supplier sends you the wrong item. A member of staff orders the wrong item. Your team is fighting amongst themselves. A staff member never turns up on time. Customers walk away without […]

Tips On How To Build A Strong Employee Work Ethic

Looking for employees with strong work ethic? Start by defining what it means to you. Search “work ethic” on and you’ll get hundreds of thousands of results. Why? Because employers want it. In fact, they want it so much that it’s often listed above education and experience. But guess what? Work ethic doesn’t exist. […]

Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing is on the rise. Are Social Media Star’s part of your strategy for the year ahead? Last year Google announced that it had acquired FameBit, a technology platform company that specializes in connecting creators and brand for sponsorships and paid promotions. In light of this acquisition, I thought we could look at the growth of […]

Understand The Numbers

To ensure the health of your business, you need to understand the numbers behind your expenses and revenue. If you’re like many small business owners, you probably have a somewhat rudimentary understanding of business accounting. But wrapping your head around the numbers, especially for those math-avoidant types, can be the least favorite part of owning a […]

Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

Make sure you’re not making these common mistakes on social media—and weakening your efforts to reach new customers. You’re likely quite proficient using social media in your personal life, but deploying it effectively for business purposes is an entirely different prospect. Appreciating this reality is one of the first steps when it comes to avoiding […]