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Regardless of your startup size, sooner or later, you have to consider promoting your business. With social media spanning all the spheres of life today, there is hardly a better place to win hearts and minds of customers. If you look at the numbers – there are around 500 million tweets every 24 hours, and as far as the engagement of the audience is considered, Facebook is an absolute leader since people aged 18-34 spend more than 1000 hours per month on it. The question remains: how to grow the audience on platforms like these? These four tips will give you some ideas.


You can set the stage even before you open for business. Share quality content that is related to your products or services, which will attract potential customers. If you aren’t sure what kind of content, think about interesting articles about the industry you are in or instructional how-to videos your followers can learn from. Soon, posts like these will attract a wide audience and you could help people learn about your business. This, however, doesn’t mean that none of your posts should be promotional. Just bear in mind not to overdo with advertising in the early stage, as people will start labeling those posts as spam. Remember that you need followers who share your content.     


Among many benefits of promoting through social media, probably the most important one is the ability to communicate directly with your customers. For example, if you are on Facebook, it’s recommended that you follow comments on your posts so you can reply on time and be an active participant in the discussion every time. If people like your replies, and especially if you answer their questions, they will be more prone to share links to your page and help you get more followers. On the other hand, if your followers are asking for instructions, you can always respond by sharing an instructional video or article that you have on your website, or one you shared earlier. Still, in order for your audience to share your website, it needs to be well designed and easy to use.


If you scroll up and down through your history of likes, most of them will be posts that have some kind of a visual content attached to them. In the same way, if you want your posts to be noticed, always strive for sharing photos, videos, interesting infographics, maps, and illustrations. Just make sure that the photos you are sharing are in compliance with copyright laws. Lucky for you, Google image search will provide you with tons of images that are labeled for reuse. Similarly, YouTube is full of instructional videos for every niche. Also, hiring a company that specializes in high-quality and content driven corporate video production is an engaging way of raising interest in your business.    



Once you have amassed a large audience on one platform, it is only natural to expand onto a few others. This is actually much easier than it sounds. For example, if you already have a Facebook presentation, you don’t have to do anything more than asking your followers if they have a Twitter account and if they’ve already liked your page there. What is more, some platforms let you link your social media pages. Pinterest, for example, allows you to link your Facebook and Twitter, making promoting visual content on those platforms much easier. Growing your audience on multiple social media platforms is only possible through cross-promoting your pages. Besides these billion-strong platforms, remember to include niche platforms as well.  

If you follow these tips, your social media audience will increase. Bear in mind, though, that quality content and regular updates mean little without a friendly company face that shares them.  

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and a regular contributor to Technivorz.

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