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Search Engine Optimization Meet Pay-Per-Click

As I continue to work with companies seeking to improve the return of their online marketing dollars, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the marriage of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Just a like a company’s house list, the information they gather from their own PPC campaigns can provide a significant boost to […]

Social Media Time Management

One of the most common problems for small business owners is managing their time when using social media marketing platforms. Many individuals feel that free marketing, specifically social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc), is too time-consuming and overwhelming. Small business owners aren’t sure what to focus on, where to spend their time and how to […]

Triggered Emails: A Frequently Missed Opportunity

When it comes to email marketing we often overlook some of the less-obvious touch points because we are so focused on the bigger campaigns. We compile brilliant email newsletters, to which we dedicate substantial amounts of time and energy, ensuring that the branding is exciting, consistent and aligned with the CI, while still providing relevant content. […]

It’s time to save the internet — again

In 2015, the tech industry and millions of individuals fought to legally protect the Internet from fast lanes and slow lanes, guaranteeing an open, unrestricted Internet that treated all data neutrally—not favoring big business over small. Unfortunately, the FCC has changed leadership and the open Internet is now under serious attack once again. July 12th […]

How To Start Your SEO Campaign

Succeeding with search engine optimization is a function of understanding the basics. Search engine optimization consists of two different disciplines. The first is called on page optimization, what you do on your web pages to succeed, and off page optimization. By mastering both of these areas of optimization, you can have search engine success. In […]

Finding More Customers

If your business is like most it could use more customers. More customers equal more revenue and profit and that’s what all businesses are after. So how does a business go about finding more customers? You’re probably sitting on a “goldmine” and don’t even know it. In this case, the “gold mine” is your current […]

The Power of Brand Filters

Each week frustrated business owners call me, exhausted from their latest company-naming marathon. They’ve spent dozens (if not hundreds) of hours invaluable staff time churning out endless lists of ideas, suggestions, brainstorms, etc. The results? A hodgepodge of names with no rhyme or reason to them, little or no group consensus, a lack of matching […]

Convert Browsers into Buyers

Many marketing experts struggle with the concept of on-site conversion. After executing on a well-developed marketing plan, and generating traffic to a landing page or website, the next step is to turn your prospects into customers. Improving your online conversion rate can be accomplished in a number of ways. Generate Targeted Traffic. An important strategy […]