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Which Content Features Will Dominate the Web in 2017

According to the Live Stats real-time calculator, there are about 58,000 Google searches performed every single second. Due to the fact that the number of websites and Internet users are constantly growing, Web competition is getting harsh, as many businesses and freelancers try to find their place in the online cloud. That’s great news for […]

5 Things That Make a Perfect Teleworker

The development of modern technologies has changed the way business people look at work organization. The rigid and strict attitude that dominated the corporate world in the past is being replaced by a laid-back and flexible policy. One of the pivotal innovations is undoubtedly the introduction of teleworking. Although this concept and practice have always […]

Three key tactics to get eyeballs on your emails

Beautiful looking emails, filled with engaging messages and fantastic offers, can only be appreciated by their reader if they are opened in the first place.  As far as success metrics go, open rates shouldn’t be used as a stand-alone statistic. However, widening the funnel at the top is certainly beneficial towards boosting arguably more meaningful […]

5 Hacks for Local Business Branding

When you’re starting a business, you’re probably thinking big. Targeting a wide audience and international fellow businesses is a great way to pave your way to the top. Nevertheless, starting out with such an ambitious promotional strategy might be too optimistic. As a result, this overzealous beginning might turn out to be a complete branding […]

How to Handle an Online Rebrand

There comes a time when a company will need a rebrand and in today’s world, much of this happens online. For many companies, especially startups, their online brand is pretty much their entire brand and in such cases, handling a rebrand needs to be done as carefully as possible. Today, we will be looking at […]