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A recent survey showed that 8 out of 10 people have no inclination to read past the headline. This means that even a best-written text could be skipped completely by 80 percent of its audience before it even gets a chance to shine. Well, if this is so, is there any other way in which you can convey a message to your target demographic? Actually, there is. Video marketing is your next best bet. Here are four most prominent reasons why you should definitely give video marketing a shot.

1. It Is Mobile-Friendly

The first thing every digital marketer needs to know is that, in 2017, about 80 percent of all internet users own a smartphone. The importance of this became even more clear last month when Android OS became more popular than Windows OS when it comes to browsing the web. You see, earlier on we’ve mentioned that people don’t like reading in general, and this is even more true for mobile users. The reason behind this is the fact that smaller font (coupled with a smaller screen size) looks even more discouraging. On the other hand, a video seems as a much more mobile-friendly format. According to YouTube, its mobile video consumption jumps roughly 100 percent each year.

2. A Team-Building Activity

Aside from your marketing efforts, making a video can also become a team-building activity. By allowing your team to interact on this project, you are allowing them to get a much better understanding of the creative processes of their colleagues. Some companies even offer performance coaching for your staff, which both helps your team bond and provides them with much-needed skills. Not only will this enable your staff to act independently on such issues in the future (making it a one-time investment), but it will also yield an immediate ROI, seeing how the video itself will be a part of your marketing efforts.

3. The Rule Of Seven

The rule of seven is one of the oldest principles in the world of marketing. It implies that in order for your clients to make an actual purchase, they need to hear about your product at least seven times. Still, there might be a way to cheat the system. You see, over 80 percent of users can recall a video they saw last month, which means that you could perhaps establish an aura of trust around your business in 2 or 3 instead of seven interactions. In this way, one could rightfully claim that video marketing tends to be a much more persuasive method.

4. Video In Email

Email marketing is definitely not dead, but in order to utilize it to your full benefit, you would have to learn a thing or two about it. When it comes to the use of video in your email marketing strategy the numbers speak strongly in its favor. For instance, just using the word video in the subject line can boost the open rate by 19 percent and boost the click-through rate by a staggering 65 percent. Not to mention the fact that the video itself has a potential to increase the leads by 200 or even 300 percent.


The best thing about video marketing is the fact that it is applicable regardless of the niche you are in. Which leaves you a lot of room when it comes to the way in which you want to present your product and business to the world. In order to wrap things up, here is another interesting info – the average internet user watches about 16 minutes of video ads every day. With the right strategy, your video could definitely be one of them.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.


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