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Legal Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t put your business at risk with these common legal missteps. You work hard to make your small business distinct from other similar operations—especially those in the same industry and/or serving the same type of clientele—after all, differentiation is how you make your business stand out. But when it comes to small business legal blunders, […]


WHAT IS DARK SOCIAL? The term dark social was coined by Alexis C (a Senior Editor at The Atlantic) in an article written in 2012.  So arguably, this is actually a relatively old concept. However, it is only just now that marketers are starting to take notice, and rightly so. Simply, dark social refers to […]

Happy Spring Equinox

When is the Spring Equinox? Good news for those counting down the days until warmer weather – the 2017 spring equinox is now here, taking place at 10.28am GMT on March 20. This is the time when the sun passes the celestial equator and days become longer – no more going to work in pitch darkness. […]

5 Fundamental Reasons Your Business Can Fail

The importance of systems in business is well known, but even in great businesses, they can fail. While the outcomes can range from minor inconvenience to catastrophic, the causes of failure come down to one or a combination of 5 fundamental reasons. Fault in Design As all systems are created by human beings, it is […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Your Guide to Deals, Freebies, History and Fun Facts.

Here’s a list of some of the promotions being offered up by national chains: Krispy Kreme.The doughnut chain is dying its Original Glazed green for Friday only — and spelling it “O’riginal” for the day. McDonald’s. The beloved Shamrock Shake is joined by four others this year — the Chocolate Shamrock Shake, the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé, the Shamrock Mocha and the Shamrock Hot Chocolate. […]

Are You Using The Right Apps?

Evaluation new technology? Make sure you focus on what’s most helpful to your business. For many small business owners, getting a handle on the right technology for their specific business seems a complicated task that requires time, research and careful analysis. While true, there are two no-brainer technologies all small business owners should embrace—smartphones loaded […]


History of Holi Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal, also known as the “festival of colors” or the “festival of love”. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget […]

Increase Your Sales

How is the best way to increase your sales? Should you advertise more? Perhaps a new website is needed. Is there some product improvement necessary? Or should you reduce your prices? Does your staff need sales training? Which should you do first, or do you have to do everything at once? The answer to all […]