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Ah, a website–the greatest marketing tool of the 21st century! Some small business owners believe all they need is a website. It doesn’t really matter what the colors look like and if it’s easy to navigate. It should be enough just to have a website that displays your product, right?

Not necessarily. Research shows that a potential customer will come to your website up to seven times before they actually buy your product. Colors and navigation in this situation do matter. The tips below show how important website design really is.

Effective Website Design Tips to Improve Your Online Sales

The first thing to keep in mind is to have a fast loading website. The next is to steer your customers to exactly what they are looking for. Do not place a bunch of useless links or clutter your site with unnecessary text. Give your visitor the needed information to make an educated decision to purchase your product and/or service. You also need to offer an opt-in email to capture names and emails of your visitors. This enables you to follow up numerous times and get them to return at a future date to place their order. This is the cheapest and yet the most effective way to advertise!

Tips to Make Your Website Sell

I’ve seen some pretty awful websites. Color combinations that made the text impossible to read; navigation buttons that change from page to page; pages that start talking or play music as soon as you open them (with no way to adjust the volume or turn it off!); and pages crammed full of tiny text (and ads) in wall-to-wall boxes — these are among my pet peeves!

1. If you are selling a product, your page should do just that…and ONLY that. Don’t fill up your page with links that take visitors away from the one action you want them to take: to buy your product.

2. For non-sales pages on your site, keep your navigation simple and consistent, and use white space liberally. You don’t need to fill every available spot with an ad or link!

Website design comes in many shapes, colors, and forms. You should plan your type of design according to the website, theme, and outcome you wish to achieve from your visitors. Some sites easy navigation is most important, in others the overall look.

Get Inside the Head and Heart of Your Visitors

The best website designs get inside the head and heart of the ideal visitor. Work with your website design company to create a profile of your perfect customer. Describe who that person is – their gender, education, socio-economic level, interests, problems, etc. Once you capture the essence of this person, you will gain a sense of what they want and how you can engage them in your message. Pictures and testimonials that show benefits received through your products and/or services are likely to be particularly effective. This is where a video marketing can be extremely advantageous.

Website design is important in attracting and keeping potential customers. The above information has defined how to format your website for success. By following these tips, your website will be able to increase profits in your business and provide you with success in your field.

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