Offline Marketing Solutions for Your Business

There’s no need to say that marketing is an important aspect of running a business. And with all the websites and social media, the web has turned out to be a great place to promote your products or services. However, if you don’t have a website or your target audience doesn’t the internet that much, you need to think about promoting your business offline. To help you, we singled out 6 clever offline marketing solutions for your business.

Business cards

No matter what kind of work you do, maintaining a professional look is always a good idea. And there’s hardly a better way to do it than to give out well-designed business cards to your current customers and potential ones. What so great about business cards is that they’re pretty cheap to print and easy to give out. All you need to do is make sure you a have a dozen of these in your pocket whenever you leave the office. Pinning them to public bulletin boards can also do the trick.

Radio commercials

The radio may seem a bit outdated but just think of all the people driving to work. Most of them tend to listen to listen to the radio while on the road and especially when they’re stuck in traffic. This makes radio commercials a perfect offline marketing solution for your business. Just make sure you find the right radio station to promote your business on. If your target audience consists of people based in the same city, opting for a local radio station is recommended. For example, if you’re based in Sydney, stations like KIIS and NOVA are something you just can’t go wrong with.

Promotional products

It seems like promotional products have been around for quite some time and this isn’t going to change in a long time. The thing is people like getting stuff for free, be it keychains or t-shirts. And if you give them free stuff, they’ll be more likely to come back and recommend your business to their friends and family. This is something many companies from cities like Sydney and Melbourne have been using to gain publicity. Luckily, finding a company that decorates promotional products in Australia shouldn’t be too difficult.

Cold calls

Create a list of potential customers and call them up – simple as that. With a good cold-calling strategy, there should be nothing stopping you from bringing in more customers. The reason why cold calls tend to be so effective is that while you’re talking to potential customers, you’re both selling your products or services and establishing a relationship with them. Satisfied customers obtained this way will be more likely to return and refer their friends and family to your business. If you’re not sure how to establish a cold-calling strategy, turning to experts in this field might be a good idea.

Branded company vehicles

You might’ve never thought about this but your company’s vehicles are a great place for promoting your products or services. Turning your vehicles into a mobile billboard is both cheap and easy, which is exactly what you want from an offline marketing solution. According to some reports, vehicle ads can generate between 30,000 and 80,000 views a day. And think of it this way, the next time you or your employee get stuck in the traffic, at least you’ll be marketing your business.

Community events

If you have enough money, sponsoring a community is a phenomenal way to get your business out there. Instead of just showing up, you can take the lead and sponsor the entire event. This means you can hand out promotional products and coupons to every person showing up. That way, you’ll be guaranteed to get your business noticed. On top of this, you’ll be building a positive brand image and gain more respect. If you can’t organize everything on your own, teaming up with a non-profit organization might be a good idea.

There you have it – 6 offline marketing solutions that are guaranteed to do the trick for your business. Even if you decide to welcome new technology and start marketing on the web, make sure you don’t forget about these offline solutions since they’re helping you attract customers more than you think.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a co-author on several technology websites and a regular contributor to Technivorz.

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