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Cold calling is not for the faint of heart—it can be a rough road when you’re new to the sales game. But before you start trembling as you think about what could go wrong, here are a few ideas to help you warm up to the idea: First, ignore the term “cold calling.” Never go […]

5 Tips for Better Time Management

As a small business owner, it seems that the second you have just a little time for yourself, someone else pops up needing something. It also seems near impossible for you to separate yourself from the business and afford yourself a little down time.  Every small business owner has dealt with these issues at one […]


With every page you “Like,” every quiz you take, Facebook gathers more data on your persona that they then share with their partners–who pay dearly for that data. For digital marketers that kind of intelligence can be the difference between a campaign that falls flat and a viral sensation. In fact, this data collection is […]

Parallax Web Design

Why Should I Get a Parallax Site & What Are The Benefits? Webmasters who has viewed a parallax website always ask the same question what’s the point? 99% of the time someone who views a parallax website is blow away. The one problem that webmasters face is whether it’s worth it to change the whole layout […]