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Invoice: How Fast Is Too Fast

There are few hard and fast rules to invoicing for small businesses. That said, prompt invoicing is a good practice to establish in your company. Before you begin invoicing, you and your customer will have laid out a timeline for payment and delivery of your goods or services. Once the deal is inked and delivery […]

Take Advantage Of The Latest Marketing Trends

Ever since the Information Technologies became the unavoidable ingredient of any business, regardless of scale, entire business landscape has been developing at relentless pace. The very landscape became more leveled than ever, and even small startups have a decent chance challenging the industry behemoths. It should be obvious that, in such circumstances, it is not […]


You want your brand to be memorable and have a fair amount of longevity. What you don’t want for it is to struggle under the weight of unforeseen legal issues, a weak strategy or arbitrary deadlines. Here is the 3rd  way to make sure your brand sings. Myth: Branding can wait. Reality: Even if you […]

Showing a Bad Customers the Door

Building a successful small business takes ingenuity, perseverance and stamina. But once established, staying at the top of your game requires exceptional customer service. Your clients are your biggest assets and worth the care and effort put into building those relationships. But every once in a while, a bad seed gets into the mix and […]

Google Makes its Mark as a Domain Name Registrar

The introduction of new domain name extensions—or, as we call them, “not-coms”—is proving to be the largest ever expansion of Internet namespace, with now more than 8 million registrations in these fresh, new options. It’s a seismic shift in the online world. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Google is all in on not-coms. In June […]

3 Plugins To Help You Shape Your Business

Keeping up with all the work schedules and making sure that everyone is doing their job can be tough, especially if you are trying to run a successful business. Thanks to the Internet and to various apps being developed to be used online and offline, it is possible to tackle some of the most common […]