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Does Your Marketing Meet Consumer Demands

Digital devices have become such a fundamental part of our everyday lives in recent years that sometimes it’s easy to overlook the vast number of consumer devices on the market—as well as the way people use them. Take a moment to think about all of the public places you’ve been recently and consider all of […]


From government-backed loans to crowd-funding, today’s small businesses have more financing options than ever before. An enterprising owner can find capital infusions from reliable standbys or innovative new funding sources. As a small-business owner, you should always stay aware of potential outlets in an uncertain lending climate. If you’re interested in your options “beyond the […]

60% of small business owners welcome feedback

Maybe you think of yourself as a direct communicator who doesn’t pull any punches. But have you considered that your no-nonsense approach could be seen as intimidating or condescending by those you rely on to keep your business running? According to a Manta online poll, 60% of small business owners stated that they would welcome […]

Keep Sights Set on Customers

How can you follow a sales lead through the conversion process to ensure that potential customers aren’t falling through the cracks? Customer Relation Management software (CRM) may be able to help. Most CRM packages enable businesses to set up lead “stages,” which can be changed when an agent performs an action. These allow you to track […]

Importance of Secure Remote Support Solutions

The 2013 Trustwave Global Security Report revealed that among 450 data breach investigations conducted worldwide, 63% were attributed to a third-party component of the company IT department. In other words, bad IT outsourcing caused almost two thirds of data breaches. The report revealed that IT outsourcing practices have gradually developed security flaws that hackers find […]


Cold calling is not for the faint of heart—it can be a rough road when you’re new to the sales game. But before you start trembling as you think about what could go wrong, here are a few ideas to help you warm up to the idea: First, ignore the term “cold calling.” Never go […]

5 Tips for Better Time Management

As a small business owner, it seems that the second you have just a little time for yourself, someone else pops up needing something. It also seems near impossible for you to separate yourself from the business and afford yourself a little down time.  Every small business owner has dealt with these issues at one […]