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Keeping Your Brand Promises

When people think about branding, they often visualize the Nike swoosh or the iconic golden arches of McDonald’s. But, when you get to the heart of the matter, while an amazing logo certainly helps, in the end, your brand is all about the relationship you have with your customers. It’s your brand promise. Remember when […]

5 Free Startup Marketing Growth Hacks

Everybody knows that startups have no money… Which begs the question: how are you supposed to acquire users? Luckily this question has been answered by many wise and intelligent people in the startup world that came before us that have devised methods that either take a little bit of time and quite a bit of […]

Keep Your Customers Satisfied

Obtaining a client is paramount for business efforts today, and it has always been. But, this is only a half way to success, and sometimes an easier part of the job. To keep the customers coming back, one must invest a great deal of time and resources, and these are scarce in modern business. Failing […]

Invoice: How Fast Is Too Fast

There are few hard and fast rules to invoicing for small businesses. That said, prompt invoicing is a good practice to establish in your company. Before you begin invoicing, you and your customer will have laid out a timeline for payment and delivery of your goods or services. Once the deal is inked and delivery […]

Take Advantage Of The Latest Marketing Trends

Ever since the Information Technologies became the unavoidable ingredient of any business, regardless of scale, entire business landscape has been developing at relentless pace. The very landscape became more leveled than ever, and even small startups have a decent chance challenging the industry behemoths. It should be obvious that, in such circumstances, it is not […]