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‘Hassle-Free Internet’ From Microsoft

Microsoft WiFi Will Offer ‘Hassle-Free Internet’ To Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, & Windows Phone users Microsoft is working on a new service called Microsoft WiFi, details of which leaked today at While the website has since been pulled, it described the service as offering “hassle-free Internet access around the world” so users can be “productive […]

Wunderlist Joins Microsoft

Today marks a momentous day for me and the entire Wunderlist family. I am incredibly excited to share with you that we are joining Microsoft. When we launched Wunderlist almost five years ago now, we set out on a mission to reinvent productivity software. Our goal was to build the most delightful, simple and elegant […]

As of August 2015 Google Will Discontinue PageSpeed Services

Google has announced that, after 4.5 years, the PageSpeed Service team will be “refocusing their efforts” and PageSpeed services will be turned down as a result. It’s important to note that if you’re currently using Google’s PageSpeed service, you will have to change your DNS by August 2015 otherwise your site will be completely unaccessible. […]

Umbrella Catering Logo

Fivenson Studios had the amazing opportunity to work with Umbrella Catering on there Logo and we are in the process of finishing up their website. Stay tuned. Umbrella Catering is a full service catering company, we offer amazing food with full body, character, and amazing flavor.  Our company offers a unique service, with high quality […]


It seems like every day there’s a new app, search engine update, or upgrade that marketers simply “must” incorporate into their marketing plan, often at the expense of other tactics. Though paper flyers are an option for today’s marketer, technology has also made it possible for you to avail yourself of digital distribution options and […]