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Your website is your virtual storefront. It is the place where many customer relationships begin. The following guidelines will help you enhance your website and encourage visitors to do business with you.

1. Be A Good Host.

Do not impose too much puffery and 'chest-beating' messages on your readers. Explain to them how you are going to solve THEIR problems and address THEIR needs. Substitute "We are" with "You will get." You may lead your copy with "If you" statements, such as "If you are trying to gain more visibility in a highly competitive marketplace." That is how you connect with your readers and build rapport from the start.

2. Make Sure Your Offers Are Easily Accessible.

Even if you are trying to capture your visitors' emails as a part of a lead-generation strategy, remove long and tedious registration forms. If you have an interesting report or a terrific white paper, make it easy to download. This way you will substantially increase the number of downloads.

3. Your Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly

It's quite hard to navigate and read content on websites that aren't mobile-friendly. Make sure your visitors don't get turned off by your non-responsive website. Also having a website that is mobile-friendly is beneficial to your site ranking. Google, Bing, and Yahoo prefer it.

4. Your Contact Info Should Be Easy To Find.

Sounds like a basic tenet. It astonishes us how often we have to poke around looking for contact information. Put your contact details: physical address, email, phone number, fax, and website-- at the bottom of EVERY page.

5. Educate Your Visitors.

People who visit your website are usually looking for meaningful content. Do not hesitate to share some valuable information, important tips, or industry reports with your readers. This will encourage them to spend more time on your website and learn more about you and your services. Keep boasts and promises to the minimum. 6. Offer a subscription to a regular ezine (electronic newsletter). This is a valuable retention device, allowing you to keep your name in front of your prospects and clients. In addition, online newsletters are simple and inexpensive. How to drive more traffic to your website

6. Offer A Subscription To A Regular Newsletter.

This is a valuable retention device, allowing you to keep your name in front of your prospects and clients. In addition, online newsletters are simple and inexpensive.

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